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In search of that great cup of coffee.....

  Weekly Offerings: Week of (07-29-2014)

Expresso Monkey Blend - This is a local favorite with a hint of bittersweet chocolate and licorice, nice fruity finish with good body.  Roasted Full City to Vienna.

We are continually adding new coffees from around the world to our inventory. We will try to keep the list up to date.
If you have a request for a particular coffee please ask.

Did You Know? Coffee Trivia 
Coffee crops throughout Central America are being hit hard by a widespread fungal infection known as coffee leaf rust. The outbreak of the disease, which begins by attacking the leaves and can eventually kill the entire coffee plant, could lower the region's total coffee harvest by as much as 20 percent in 2013. The loss is expected to reach a whopping US$600 million in value. 
   Juan Terry Valdez "The Bean Hunter"
Dragonfly Farm knows freshness counts when it comes to a really good cup of coffee. Only your neighborhood coffee roaster, who sells a limited variety of beans and roasts daily, can truly offer fresh coffee.  All that vacuum packed stuff at the supermarket is the result of large centralized roasting companies attempting to cut into the sales of the neighborhood roaster.  You should never buy coffee that has an expiration date on the label.  The date we put on our label is the roast date.    

We roast Fair Trade and Organic coffees from all over the world.  Currently you can purchase our fresh roasted coffee beans at the Owen Valley Winery or their Tivoli Tasting Room in downtown Spencer.